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The role of the compensating conductor _ instrumentation

by:JVTIA     2020-10-28
To understand the thermocouple temperature compensation the problem from the principle of thermocouple hand, now only talk about the related thermocouple total thermoelectric potential and middle temperature closed loop rule. The former shows: for selected thermocouple, the reference side at constant temperature, the overall thermoelectric emfs as a single value function of measuring the temperature. Namely must necessarily temperature, corresponding to the thermoelectric potential and thermocouple indexing table, the reference temperature is zero. But in the application of compensating conductor environment, reference end temperature differ in thousands ways, can't all constant at 0 degrees, it will generate measurement error, this is the reason why thermocouple for temperature compensation. Compensation conductor in the actual application called the reference end of the thermocouple cold end.
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