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The technical index and working principle of thermocouple is what _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-30
Main technical indicators of thermocouple temperature thermocouple elements 100 ℃ resistance ( r100中) And it is in 0 ℃ when the resistance ratio (r0 r100中/ r0) A grade dividing pt100: r0 = 100 + 0. 06Ωbr0 = 100±0。 12Ωr0 / r100中= 1。 3850. Thermocouple temperature sensor is of many varieties, with accurate, sensitive and fast thermal response time, stable quality, long service life, etc. Due to the thermocouple has good electrical output characteristic, can be adjusted for the digital display table, recorder, instrument, scanner, data recorder and computer provide accurate temperature signal. The working principle of thermocouple using material when the temperature changes, its resistance also along with the change of characteristics to measure temperature. When resistance changes, the work shows the temperature resistance of the meter.
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