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The temperature sensor in the application of the induction cooker

by:JVTIA     2021-01-06
Pt100 temperature sensor temperature sensor which is one of the many types of affiliation, is widely used in industry, chemical industry, electronics, medical, metallurgical, and other fields. PT100 temperature sensor also has a certain application in induction cooker, and plays a vital role.

in the induction cooker temperature sensor is actually a negative temperature coefficient thermistor, semiconductor its resistance value rise as its temperature decreases, the temperature is lower and rise, caused by resistance change of voltage resistance change. General use within the induction cooker resistance of two such specification, a testing surface of furnace temperature, a temperature detection IBGT work.

when you open the lid on the induction cooker, there is a circle in the middle of the base element, that is electromagnetic temperature sensor of the road. Said induction cooker according to the size of resistance of the thermistor is transferred to the chip into temperature, so as to meet the heating mode of different functions. Another fixed on the heat release or press power tube, also some near the heat release on the circuit board, and panel below the middle, some have just wore 'ma3 jia3'. Different brands of malfunctioning of the induction cooker, has different fault display code.

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