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The use of NTC thermistor in CPU kernel controller

by:JVTIA     2021-01-11
One of the thermistor NTC thermistor belong to, with good stability, high reliability, flexible use, easy maintenance and other advantages. NTC thermistor application field is very wide, also has the certain application in CPU kernel controller. Engineering today is to introduce specific NTC thermistor for everyone in the application of the CPU kernel controller, hope you can help to you.

is the NTC thermistor NTC Negative Temperature Coefficient, mean a Negative Temperature Coefficient, Evergrande refers to Negative Temperature Coefficient of semiconductor materials and devices, a NTC thermistor is a Negative Temperature Coefficient thermistor. It was based on the manganese, cobalt and copper metal oxide as the main material, adopting ceramic manufacture process. These properties are semiconductor metal oxide materials, because on the way of conducting full semiconductor materials such as germanium and silicon. At low temperature, these oxide material carrier ( Electronic and cavity) Number less, so the resistance value is higher; With the increase of temperature, carrier number increase, so the resistance reduced. NTC thermistor in room temperature range in 100 Ω ~ 1000000 Ω, temperature coefficient - 2% ~ - 65%. NTC thermistor can be widely used in temperature measurement, temperature compensation, inhibition of surge current, etc.

the NTC thermistor used for AMD Turion mobile CPU kernel controller

the new R3 Intersil controller using encapsulation after adjusting to exclude all packaging related error, and can be realized in the whole temperature range 05% accuracy, the industry's highest precision. The device adopts the two mixed double channel to make the output voltage ripple frequency, reduce the output voltage ripple amplitude, at the same time reduce the number of components, components to reduce costs, reduce the power consumption and reduce the actual circuit board.

ISL6264 is duplex controllers with integrated gate drive. The core of ISL6264 is patented technology of R3 - — Intersil powerful ripple voltage stabilizer ( 健壮的涟漪调节器) The modulator. Compared with the traditional polyphase controller, ISL6264 can achieve the fastest transient response, because the load in the transient process of R3 modulator can change the switch frequency.

in order to extend battery life, Intersil ISL6264 through automatic can make different working mode to support PSI_L. Work mode, if the load is heavier, the controller will command for duplex continuous conduction mode ( CCM) Operation. When working in deeper sleep mode or light load mode to assertions PSL_L ISL6264 will disable a phase, and the single-phase diode commutation mode ( 德) The work, to maximize the efficiency in light load. 6 - A digital - Analog converter ( DAC) Can be in the range of 0375 v to 155 v to dynamically adjust the kernel output voltage. Work mode, ISL6264 can throughout the temperature range to make the kernel output voltage of the system accuracy up to 05%. Also provides unity-gain differential amplifier, in order to realize the remote CPU chip temperature. So that we can accurately measure the CPU chip voltage, and according to the request of moving AMD CPU index to adjust. Current sensor can use lossless inductance DCR induction or precise resistance induction to achieve. A single NTC thermistor network can gain and time constant of DCR change for thermal compensation.

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