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The use of temperature sensors in the aviation characteristics

by:JVTIA     2021-01-11
Pt100 temperature sensor is a temperature testing instrument, in industry, chemical industry, military, electronics, water conservancy, shipbuilding, aviation and other industries are very important in the application. Special PT100 temperature sensor in the aviation industry compared with the ordinary temperature sensors have a lot of difference, the air in the application characteristic of PT100 temperature sensor is what? The following projects to detailed introduce for everybody. Definition

air with temperature sensor is dedicated to the temperature sensors on the aircraft, it is through the above several performance more excellent win min material development to dedicated temperature sensor. The temperature sensor has the characteristics of both the general temperature sensor of don't have the characteristics of the general temperature sensor. Classification of

air with PT100 temperature sensor, there are generally two categories, one is precious metals thermoelectric. This is mainly because precious metals thermal resistance, such as the precision of the platinum resistance is extremely high, good long-term stability, oxidation resistance and aging resistance error effect is good. Platinum resistance is the international electrician's standard as temperature sensor, the standard completely with EN60751 and IEC751 calibration standards.

the other is a type K, N and T thermocouple, the thermocouple, wide working temperature range, electromotive force is bigger, convenient measurement, high accuracy. This is the general quality of the temperature sensors is products also have some in common.

and the difference between average temperature sensor

air with temperature sensor, its differences with the general temperature sensor are:

1, compact structure, light weight, Parts are strict with weight is on board the aircraft, as much as possible.

2, high reliability, good stability, Aircraft is a high technology integration products, high security requirements, so than the average accuracy and stability of the temperature sensor, a much higher reliability.

3, high sensitivity, Aircraft is a high speed of transport, for each parameter acquisition to timely, accurate, so that other systems for environment condition to make accurate measurements at that time.

4, good shock resistance, resistance to bear high overload. ( Aircraft taking off and landing navigation and has larger vibration, so the products must have a special structure and materials to absorb shock energy, can have bigger overload strength.

characteristics of PT100 temperature sensor used in aviation,

air with can set temperature sensor characteristics are:

1, double protection tube, 316 l stainless steel, anti-rust anti-corrosion is stronger.

2, 3 layer of waterproof processing, achieve IP68 protection grade.

3, lightweight design, compact appearance, high structural strength, all for the integration of depth fusion welding.

4, independent can set structure, to achieve fast response.

5, the internal thermal conductive filler material, using high temperature damping to overload the 32 gb.

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