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The use of the compensating conductor _ instrument conditions and technical parameters

by:JVTIA     2020-10-28
Chongqing meter compensating lead wires is suitable for the production index number is S, R, J, K, E, T, N type thermocouple and temperature digital display table between the electrical connection, in order to improve the precision of temperature measurement. Conditions of use work temperature: 200 ℃ and 260 ℃. Low temperature: fixed installation - 60℃; The fixed installation - 20℃。 Small bending radius: the cable should not less than 10 times the cable diameter, the cable is not less than 12 times of cable diameter. Technical parameters: the compensating conductor insulation color note compensation conductor type letters with the thermocouple indexing number corresponding to the letter 'X' in the said expanded compensation conductor ( The same as the thermocouple materials) , 'C' said compensation, compensation conductor. Other indicators: insulation resistance when the ambient air temperature is 15 35 ℃, relative humidity of not more than 80%, compensation conductor should be finished product line between the core and the line between core and shielding layer of insulation. Insulating layer and sheath mechanical properties: the tensile strength of insulation and sheath 12 or more. 5 n/m ㎡, elongation is 125% or more. 3. Flame retardant performance: according to user needs can meet GB12666 - 1990 a, B, C compensation conductor and compensation cable shape size and weight calculation. Note: 1 belt shielding or aluminum-plastic composite belt cable diameter slightly larger than no shield cable. Have 2 points block has a total shielding cable diameter slightly larger than only shielded cable. Iii only total shielding cable diameter is slightly less than only shielded cable.
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