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The use of the liquid level thermocouple sensor selection considerations

by:JVTIA     2020-11-12
1, according to the object and the measurement environment determine the type of thermocouple sensor
to a specific measurement, the first thing to consider what level thermocouple sensor principle of thermocouple sensor, it needs to analyze various factors to determine. Because, even though measuring the same quantity, and are available in a variety of principle of thermocouple sensor is chosen, the principle of a thermocouple sensor is more appropriate, you need according to the characteristics of the measured and the use of the thermocouple sensor conditions to consider the following specific questions: the size of the range. The measured position of thermocouple sensor volume requirements; For contact or non-contact measurement mode; Signal method, the derivation of the cable or contact measurement; The source of the thermocouple sensor, it is imported or domestic, price can accept, or developing itself.
normally, the choice of sensitivity in the level of the thermocouple sensor linear range, hope that the higher the sensitivity of the thermocouple sensor, the better, because only high sensitivity, and by measuring changes in the corresponding output signal is larger for signal processing, but note that the thermocouple sensor is of high sensitivity, has nothing to do with the measured outside noise also is easy to mix, will also be amplified system amplifier, affect the measuring accuracy, so the thermocouple sensor itself has the very high manic ratio, decrease as far as possible from the outside factory signals, the introduction of thermocouple sensor sensitivity is a direction, when the measurement is a single vector, and the direction the demand is higher, should choose other direction sensitivity small thermocouple sensor, if the measurement is a multi-dimensional vector, insist on the cross sensitivity of thermocouple sensor as small as possible.
3, frequency response,

liquid level of the thermocouple sensor determines the frequency range of the measured frequency response characteristics, must maintain a undistorted measurement frequency range of the permit conditions, actually the response of the thermocouple sensor is always a certain delay, hope that the shorter the delay, the better, high frequency response of the thermocouple sensor, the measured signal frequency range is wide, but due to the influence of the structural characteristics, mechanical system of the large inertia, due to low frequency of thermocouple sensor measured signal frequency is low, in the dynamic measurement, should according to the characteristics of the signal ( The steady state, random, etc. ) The response characteristics, lest produce far error.

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