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The working principle and precautions of platinum rhodium S-type thermocouple temperature sensor

by:JVTIA     2022-02-06
From a professional point of view: two conductors of different components (called thermocouple wires or thermoelectrodes) are connected to a combined circuit at both ends. When the temperature of the junction is different, an electromotive force will be generated in the circuit. This phenomenon is called It is the thermoelectric effect, and this electromotive force is called thermoelectric force. Thermocouples use this principle to measure temperature. Among them, the end directly used to measure the temperature of the medium is called the working end (also called the measuring end), and the other end is called the cold end (also called the compensation end); the cold end and the display When the instrument or supporting instrument is connected, the display instrument will point out the thermoelectric potential generated by the thermocouple. In fact, to put it simply, the platinum rhodium S-type thermocouple is actually an energy converter, which converts thermal energy into electrical energy, and uses the generated thermoelectric potential to measure the temperature. For the thermoelectric potential of the thermocouple, the following three issues should be paid attention to : After the two thermocouple wires of the thermocouple are determined, the thermoelectric potential of the thermocouple is only related to the temperature difference of the thermocouple; if the temperature of the cold junction of the thermocouple remains constant, the thermoelectric potential of the thermocouple is only Single-valued function of working end temperature. Second, the thermoelectric potential of a thermocouple is the difference between the temperature functions of the two ends of the thermocouple, not the temperature difference between the cold junction and the working end of the thermocouple; third, the magnitude of the thermoelectric potential generated by the thermocouple, When the material of the thermocouple is uniform, it has nothing to do with the length and diameter of the thermocouple, but only with the composition of the thermocouple material and the temperature difference between the two ends;
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