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Thermal resistance thermometer factory group far eastone bimetallic thermometer is a thermal resistance temperature measurement device and WTY type thermometer bulb installed in the same measure

by:JVTIA     2021-01-19
Working principle of the thermal resistance of far eastone bimetallic thermometer far eastone thermal resistance thermometer ( 1) 。 Working principle of the thermal resistance thermometer factory group far eastone bimetallic thermometer which is a kind of thermal resistance temperature measurement component and WTY type thermometer bulb installed in the same temperature measuring elements within a temperature measuring instrument. Two temperature measurement system are independent of each other, each other their respective temperature measurement and accuracy. This instrument the prominent advantage of just a single point temperature can be measured temperature, double indicator which part for field indicating pressure type, thermal resistance signal is used to remote transmission to the control room ( About 500 m) By secondary instrument line, control, adjust the measured temperature, two temperature measuring system to monitor each other, improve the reliability and accuracy of the temperature measurement. 3. WTYZ - 10 liquid pressure type shock type thermometer WTYZ shockproof thermometer is in the WTY thermometer developing, on the basis of its structure and working principle and pressure type thermometer are exactly the same, the difference is within the header is filled with oil liquid, to increase the damping of transmission parts and pointer. In addition, in parts of locking, sealing and mechanical strength of the strengthening of a series of measures. Shockproof thermometer for oscillations, such as high frequency and low frequency vibration occasion, such as compressors, diesel engine temperature measurement equipment, avoid caused by equipment vibration meter pointer jitter or mechanical damage, improve the service life of instrument. 4. WTY - 10 liquid pressure type electric contact thermometer ( 1) 。 Working principle WTYX type electrical connector type thermometer in WTY type thermometer is installed on a contact device, through adjusting mechanism, can easily change set the position of the pointer. When the measured temperature rise ( Or falling) To the set point temperature of the opportunity to give an open or close the signal, is used to control, adjust or alarm temperature being measured.
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