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Thermocouple head

Thermocouple assembly with _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-28
Failure 1 thermoelectric potential is smaller than the actual value may cause short circuit; Between the thermocouple junction box in the terminal short circuit; Compensation conductor for insulation burn out the circuit; Compensation conductor and thermocouple does not match; Compensation conductor and thermocouple polarity reverse; Insert depth and the installation location is wrong; Thermocouple cold junction temperature is too high. On checking if it is caused by wet treatment methods, can be drying; If the insulation fault of the porcelain tube, it should be replaced. Open the box, the wiring scrub brush clean; The short circuit insulation or replace a new compensation conductor; Replacement of the same type into compensation conductor; Reset correct; Change the installation location and insertion depth; Thermocouple wires for compensation wire, turn away the cold end of drier. Fault 2 possible reasons for thermoelectric potential is greater than the actual compensation conductor and thermocouple type does not match; Insert depth or installation location is wrong; Hot electrode metamorphism; Jamming signals enter; The thermocouple reference end temperature on the high side. The replacement of the same type of compensation wire processing method. Change the installation location or insert depth; Replace thermocouple; Check the interference sources and eliminated; Adjust the reference temperature or amended. Failure 3 meter indicates instability,, when high when possible reasons: low heat electrodes in terminal poor contact; Thermocouple with intermittent short circuit or intermittent grounding phenomenon; Hot electrode has been broken or seems broken off; Thermocouple installation is solid, swing; Compensation conductor grounding or intermittent short circuit phenomenon. Good treatment to meet; Remove thermal electrode from the protection tube of thermocouples, find out the fault point and eliminated; Replace the new electrode; Installation is firm; Find out the fault point and eliminated.
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