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Thermocouple calibration method is _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
Thermocouple calibration method of metallic melts fast thermocouple calibration method and device. The device is mainly composed of a can accommodate two measured accidentally the flat heated quartz tube end of coil, two with her being measured thermocouple and the corresponding temperature control of the same shape according to the output device. Verification method is to first use two calibration thermocouple find the two calibration in this flat heating coil accidentally thermoelectric potential of the same point, were I to replace one of the calibration accidentally, in the case of other conditions unchanged, after being checked my reading stability compared with the calibration accidentally readings can be accidentally quantities are accurate. This method provides a rapid temperature measuring thermocouple laboratory verification method, but the temperature point of rapid temperature measuring thermocouple in multiple test and comprehensive assessment. Its characteristic is that a, the device is composed of a flat heating coil, a pair of calibration of thermocouple and display output of temperature control device. B and verification method is to first two calibration thermocouple from relative insert on both ends of the heating coil, the hot end of thermocouple, thermocouple location in the heating coil made by changing the calibration two calibration of the thermocouple thermoelectric power, the same measured fast thermocouple to replace one of the calibration of thermocouple, read the thermoelectric potential value of measurement under the steady state and compare the calibration thermocouple thermoelectric potential can be measured quickly the accuracy of the thermocouple.
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