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Thermocouple compensating conductor _ instrument structure and usage

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
Thermocouple compensation wire is composed of conductor and insulation coating layer; Compensation conductor should be due to the core alloy material divided into extension type and compensation type two kinds, extended type compensation conductor is NX ( Nickel chromium silicon - Nickel silicon magnesium) KX ( Nickel chrome 10 - Nickel silicon 3) 交货( Nickel chrome 10 - Copper and nickel 45) ,JX ( Iron - Copper and nickel 45) TX ( Copper - Copper and nickel 45) Type of compensation, compensation conductor with SC and RC ( Copper - Copper and nickel 0. 6) KC ( Copper - Copper and nickel 40) 、NC( Iron - Copper and nickel) And so on. Thermocouple compensation wire insulation layer and the coat material with PVC, ptfe, glass fiber, quartz and ceramic fiber yarn, etc. ; Metal shielding layer are stainless steel wire mesh, etc. Thermocouple compensation wire connected to the display instrument, recorder, or computer temperature measuring system, widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, textile and other industrial and national defense, scientific research departments and so on.
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