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Thermocouple compensating conductor kx and what is the difference between the kc _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
Thermocouple compensation wire, must according to the type of thermocouple used properly choose and use occasion. K type should I choose k type, for example, accidentally compensating lead wires, according to the using situation, choose the operating temperature range. Usually work temperature for - kx 20 ~ 100 ℃, wide range of for - 25~200℃。 Common error of plus or minus 2. Level 5 ℃, the precision of plus or minus 1. 5℃。 The difference between the thermocouple compensating conductor kx and kc kx type to prolong compensation conductor, kc for compensation type compensation conductor, extend the profile quality is consistent with the thermocouple, compensation effect is superior to the compensation model. Commonly used for factories kx type thermocouple cold end extends to control the indoor ( At zero temperature easy to control a reference) , just moved the cold end of thermocouple and a temperature is relatively stable, no compensation effect; Depending on the material, compensation conductor should be classified as compensation conductor ( c) With the expanded wire ( x) Two categories. General compensation type heat compensation conductor material and electrode material is different, so often used for precious metal thermocouple, it can only be at a certain temperature range in line with the thermocouple thermoelectric properties. Expanded compensation conductor is to adopt the same as the hot electrode materials, suitable for cheap metal thermocouple; It should be noted that both compensation type and extension type, compensation wire itself doesn't compensation thermocouple cold end temperature changes, just play a role of the thermocouple cold end extension, change the position of the cold junction of the thermocouple, in order to adopt other compensation methods. In addition, even in the specified temperature range, because of the compensating conductor can't completely same with thermocouple thermoelectric properties, thus there are still some errors.
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