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Thermocouple compensating conductor _ model selection of the instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-30
First thermocouple compensation wire type selection of thermocouple temperature is 1200 degrees thermocouple big bear temperature or end need to measure the temperature of the thermocouple work? Need two different part of thermocouple wire, one end of the weld is called work side, the other end is referred to as reference, using the work side with reference to the difference in temperature of thermoelectric potential for temperature measurement. And in the title only the conductor of a material is presented. Retains as nickel chrome - Nickel silicon ( Or nickel chrome - Nickel aluminum) Type thermocouple is analyzed: nickel chrome - Nickel silicon ( Or nickel chrome Nickel aluminum) Thermocouples used for a long time in 0 Inner temperature range of 900 degrees temperature and short term allowed used in the temperature of 1200 degrees. For thermocouple compensation wire type selection should pay attention to the following points 1, compensation conductor must be used with corresponding thermocouple ( The nickel chrome - Nickel aluminum type thermocouple should form a complete set of nickel and chromium - Nickel aluminum compensating conductor) 。 2, the positive, the positive and thermocouple compensation wire into the anode and the cathode, may not be wrong. 3, compensation conductor should be the same with the two point of thermocouple temperature, and shall not be more than 100 degrees. After 4, thermocouple connected to compensation conductor should be fixed reference junction. In accordance with the above instructions, should know what to choose what type of compensation conductor.
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