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Thermocouple compensation wire products use features _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-28
Thermocouple compensation wire can be in - 60 ~ 260 ℃ environment, is the ideal automation units. Thermocouple compensating conductor has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power automation thermometer table of single point or multipoint connection. Using characteristics of thermocouple compensation wire 1, high conductor operating temperature: heat-resistant, fep ( F46) Soluble ptfe 260 ℃ 200 ℃, silicone rubber was 180 ℃. O-level: polyvinyl chloride (PVC) 70 ℃ and 105 ℃, crosslinked polyethylene (90 ℃, 70 ℃, low smoke zero halogen flame retardant polyolefin crosslinking type 2, 90 ℃ and 125 ℃ low temperature: PVC sheathed: fixed installation - 40 ℃, the fixed installation - 15 ℃, fluorine plastic insulation and sheath: fixed installation - 60 ℃, the fixed installation - 20 ℃ 3, cable allows bending radius: not less cable for 6 times of overall diameter, copper tape screened or steel with a rope for 12 times of overall diameter smaller, fluorine plastic insulation and sheath for 10 times of cable diameter smaller thermocouple compensating conductor: thermal electrode is to extend the movement of thermocouple cold end connected to display instrument of temperature measurement system. Thermocouple compensation wire general use on the thermocouple, thermocouple compensation wire insulation layer and protective layer of selected materials and according to the requirement of the environment, the sheath material with PVC, fluorine plastic, low smoke low halogen polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and several non-alkali glass, imported high quality fluorine plastic can heat resistance of 260 ℃, and USES the new technology of the continuous extrusion, make the product has excellent acid, alkali, wear resistance and non-combustible delay of performance, can be immersed in oil and water medium and long term use.
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