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Thermocouple Cu50 and PT100 thermocouple have what distinction _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
Thermocouple Cu50 and PT100 is a common temperature sensors, they have the same place also has the difference, the following is the difference between them: in general: precision temperature range is not the same as the material price PT100 thermocouple: PT100 platinum thermocouple, its value will change with the change in temperature. PT after 100 indicates that it is in 0 ℃ when the resistance of 100 ohms, at 100 ℃ its resistance value is about 138. 5 ohms. Its industrial principle: when the PT100 at 0 degrees Celsius when his resistance of 100 ohms, its value will be along with the increase of temperature rise and become the approximate uniform. But the relationship between them is not simple direct ratio relationship, but rather tend to be a parabola - platinum resistance temperature range The advantages of 200 ~ 850 ℃ metal platinum materials: is good chemical stability, high temperature long enough, easy to produce pure platinum, and because of its resistivity p ( Ω? mm2/m) Big, can use less material resistance, in addition, the temperature measurement range. Its disadvantage is that: in the reducing medium, especially at high temperature is easy to oxide from contamination, reduction of the steam out of the platinum wire brittle, and the relationship between the change of resistance with temperature. CU50 type thermocouple: CU50 thermocouple is copper, its value will change with the change in temperature. Cu after 50 indicates that it is in 0 ℃ to 50 ohm resistance value, when in 100 ℃ when its value is about 71. 400 ohms. Its industrial principle: when Cu50 at 0 degrees Celsius when his 50 ohm resistance value, its value will into uniform growth with temperature rise. Medical, electrical, industrial, temperature resistance, calculation and high precision temperature equipment, application range is very wide. At the same time, used for thermocouple, thermocouple thermometer, thermocouple checking instrument, thermocouple simulator - Thermocouple simulators, copper thermocouple, thermocouple, etc. - copper resistance temperature range 50 ~ 150 ℃ copper thermocouple, cheaper line a good degree, in - on the industry 50 - Use more + 150 ℃ scope. Copper thermocouple afraid of damp, easy to corrode, low melting point as well.
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