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Thermocouple installation method _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
1, first of all should be good measuring thermocouple the size of the teeth, the car a good teeth. 2, according to the diameter of the screw tooth holder, the need to measure the hole in the pipeline. 3, the teeth of welding, the screw tooth seat insert has open hole, the screw teeth with measured pipe welding. 4, the thermocouple precession is welded teeth. 5, according to the wiring diagram to connect the thermocouple junction box good line, and with the dial photogenic corresponding digital display table joins, pay attention to the junction box cannot be measured medium and pipeline wall contact, to ensure that the terminal box temperature less than 0 Range of 100 ℃, terminal box shall be installed under the outlet hole, to prevent bad sealing, water vapor dust deposition such as shorting terminal. 6, the location of the thermocouples installed, should consider to repair and maintenance is convenient.
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