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Thermocouple is what _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-30
Thermocouple is a kind of temperature sensor, it is smaller than the diameter of a prefabricated thermocouple, flexible, good vibration resistance, suitable for installation in the case of prefabricated thermocouple can't install, our factory production WRPK series thermocouple used to introduce thermocouple temperature measuring element, therefore, is accurate, sensitive, quick thermal response time, stable quality, long service life, etc. Thermocouple protective mining have stainless steel, full of high-density oxide material inside insulation, therefore, it has a very strong pollution resistance and mechanical strength, suitable for installation in harsh environment. Thermocouples can be used to measure - 200 - 500 ℃ temperature range, can be connected directly with copper wires and secondary instrument use, because it has good electrical output characteristics, can be adjusted to display instrument, recorder, instrument, scanner, data recorder and computer provide accurate temperature signal. Works under the effect of temperature, thermocouple wire resistance change and change, digital display table will indicate the resistance value of the corresponding temperature thermocouple. The main technical indicators of thermocouple temperature sensing element 100 ℃ resistance ( r100中) And it is in 0 ℃ when the resistance ratio (r0 r100中/ r0) A grade dividing pt100: r0 = 100 + 0. 06 Ω b r0 = 100 + 0. 12Ωr0 / r100中= 1。 3850.
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