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Thermocouple production raw material and the main characteristics of _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-28
Thermocouple temperature measurement is based on the metal conductor resistance value increases with the increase of the temperature of the properties for temperature measurement. Thermocouple made raw materials thermocouple materials: thermocouple are mostly made of pure metal materials, the current application is platinum and copper, in addition, now began to use the materials such as nickel, manganese and rhodium thermocouple. The main characteristic of thermocouple pressure reed temperature sensing element, ant-vibration performance is good. High precision temperature measurement; High mechanical strength, good resistance to high temperature and pressure performance; Thin film resistance element, reliable, stable performance. Thermocouple is usually by thermocouple wire and digital display instrument, recording instrument and electronic regulator. It can be directly measured from various production process 200 ℃ to + 500 ℃ within the scope of the liquid, steam and gas medium and the temperature of the solid surface.
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