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Thermocouple protection tube product characteristics and material classification _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
Thermocouple protection tube product features: simple assembly, easy to change; Compression spring type thermal components, ant-vibration performance is good. Temperature measurement range is large; High mechanical strength, high pressure good performance. Thermocouple protection tube according to its material can be divided into three kinds: 1, metal: high mechanical strength, good thermal performance, application is very broad. More than 2, non-metallic: adopt when above 1000 ℃ temperature measurement, heat resistant performance is good, shock resistance is poor, poor thermal conductivity. 3, metal ceramics: due to the metal materials, high mechanical strength, but not high temperature resistant; Nonmetallic material high temperature resistant, low mechanical strength. Made by powder metallurgy method of metal ceramic protection tube, which has high temperature resistant performance and has good mechanical strength, has a good application prospect, and can be widely used in steel, iron and high temperature salt bath furnace and other harsh environment.
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