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Thermocouple seven faults and the corresponding solution _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
': cause analysis: the retainer and the rolling body vibration, impact, no matter what types of grease are possible, thermocouple torque, load or under radial clearance of age tend to produce more. Solution: 1, improve retainer material 2, select the bearing clearance small or the exerted load bearing; 3, to reduce the torque load, reducing installation error; 4, choose good fats. ': root cause analysis: the motor no-load running is similar as the buzzer sounds, and abnormal axial vibration motor, open or shut down' om-ing 'voices. Characteristics: multiple lubrication condition is bad, and in the winter of ball bearing motor, main shaft is self-aligning performance is bad, under the influence of the axial vibration of an unstable vibration. The solution: 1, use the grease lubrication good performance; 2, the preload, reducing installation error; 3, choose the bearings with radial clearance is small; 4, improve the motor bearing rigid three rust, paint: root cause analysis: due to motor bearing chassis paint dry after oil, the chemical composition of volatile out corrosion of end face and outside groove bearings and channel, the channel is corrosion occurred after the abnormal sound. Characteristics: thermocouple surface rust corrosion than face more serious. Solution: 1, the rotor, chassis, dry or drying after assembly; 2, to reduce the motor temperature; 3, choose to adapt to the paint model; 4, improve the motor bearing placed environment temperature; 5, with oil, fat cause less corrosion, silicone oil, mineral oil, easy cause; 6, the varnished vacuum technology. Four, impurity sound: root cause analysis: caused by bearing or the purity of the oil, the abnormal sound of an irregular. Characteristics: I have no my voice, when big small without rules, are on high speed motor. Solution: 1, choose good grease; 2, to improve cleanness of greasing before; 3, strengthen bearing sealing performance; 4, improve the purity of the installation environment. Fifth, high frequency, vibration 'man. 。 。 。 。 。 ': specific features: voice frequency change with bearing rotating speed, and the parts surface waviness is the main cause of the noise. Solution: 1, the improvement of bearing raceway surface processing quality, reduce waviness amplitude; 2, reduce collision; 3, correct clearance pre-tightening force and cooperate, check the free end bearing operation, improve the precision of the shaft and bearing installation method. Six, warming: specific features: bearing after operation, temperature is beyond the scope of requirements. Solution: 1, choose the correct grease, appropriate dosage; 2, correct clearance pre-tightening force and cooperate, check the workings of the free end bearing; 3, improve the accuracy of bearing seat and installation method; 4, improvement of sealing form. Seven, bearing feel bad: specific features: use hand thermocouple feel bearing rotating rotor inside impurity, block. Cause analysis: 1, the clearance is too large; 2, with the inner diameter and axial improper; 3, the channel injury. The solution: 1, smaller clearance as much as possible; 2, the selection of tolerance zone; 3, improve the thermocouple accuracy, reduce the damage to the channel, 4, grease selection.
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