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Thermocouple temperature sensor in the industrial application of _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-28
Widely used in industry, thermocouple temperature sensor for - 200 ℃ to + 500 ℃ temperature measurement range. In special cases, the measurement of low temperature up to 3. 4 k, even lower, at around 1 k, the high temperature side measurable to 100 ℃. For the characteristics of the thermocouple temperature sensor for temperature measurement are high accuracy, suitable for low temperature measurement. Thermocouple temperature sensor in industry applications: industrial thermocouple usually use three wire system, namely the resistance in two leads are connected at one end, and the other end connect a wire; Are used in precision measurement, four wire connection, the metal thermocouple two leads on both ends of the welding; In actual use, should be used according to the circumstance and measuring accuracy requirement, and connecting with the cost of investment, the comprehensive cost of investment, identify a specific connection method. And when using thermocouple thermometer temperature measurement, still need to pay attention to some problems: 1, should according to the measured temperature field temperature measurement range and environmental factors such as the choice of thermocouple type and specification; 2, installation location should avoid heat source and the oven door, junction box of the environment temperature should be constant and does not exceed 100 ℃ 3, installation location should avoid heat source and the oven door, junction box at ambient temperature bending deformation, on the other hand, their surface sediments are much less than the level of Ann, which can shorten the time to improve measurement accuracy. 4, the thermocouple insertion depth should be greater than 8 - of its protective casing diameter 10 times, its specific data can be determined according to the scene; Should guarantee the resistance wire in 5, use and protection of casing between has good insulation, in case of measurement error, and even make the instrument can't work normally. Above is the chongqing instrument to introduce the thermocouple temperature sensor in industry application, we can according to the above content for reference, through the understanding of the above content, we know that the thermocouple temperature sensor in industry application is more extensive, and the thermocouple temperature sensor has many advantages, so in the spacecraft, the respect such as medical, industrial and household appliances used for temperature measurement, temperature control and temperature compensation.
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