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Thermocouple WRRK and WRNK what meaning be? What is the difference between

by:JVTIA     2020-11-12
Thermocouple WRRK and WRNK mainly represents the thermocouple type, comparatively common is k type thermocouple, thermocouple type k thermocouple we have introduced a lot of, today to introduce specific WRRK and the primary difference between WRNK:

1, the difference is that the material is different. WRRK is platinum thermocouple R type; WRNK is nickel N type thermocouple.

2, thermocouple type thermocouple is the third letter in the index, index number is used to reflect the temperature sensor in measuring temperature range temperature change resistance changes of corresponding sensor voltage or standard series, namely, thermal resistance, thermocouple, resistance, electric potential, the corresponding temperature value.

3, thermocouple, 热电偶) Is commonly used in temperature measuring instrument of temperature measuring element, and it is directly measured temperature, and the temperature signals into a thermoelectric emfs, through electrical instrument ( Secondary instrument) Convert the temperature of the measured medium. The appearance of all kinds of thermocouple is often due to the need to vary, but their basic structure is roughly same, usually by the hot electrode, insulation sleeve to protect the main parts such as pipe and connection box, and usually display meter, recording meter and electronic regulator.
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