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Thermometer industry brand is an inevitable trend in the development of industry to create the future

by:JVTIA     2020-12-15
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thermometer product reliability test instrument such as new products, industrial base should be established to serve the industry of product inspection, commodity inspection and reliability test platform for the public, the thermometer at the time of use, can be in the case of high temperature and high pressure operation, and at work, also has certain corrosion resistance thermometer, thus greatly increasing the service life of the thermometer, a kind of control instrument thermometer has been closely watched. Simple instrumentation are also want to consider the condition of the scene, but also to continuous improvement to upgrade, so as to meet the demand of changing the scene.
the thermometer industrial technology research and the application will be the important opportunities for the industry development in our country, therefore face the demand of the market, choose the most foundation and condition of temperature field in the key breakthrough, to speed up the formation of competitive advantage, efforts to expand the market, and strive to deepen international cooperation, we will accelerate the establishment of a conducive to the development of the thermometer industry important products industry standards and technical standard system, the installation of the thermometer is simple, only need equipment matching two already installed flange, flange butt joint and the two ends of the thermometer. Thermometer industry wants to create brand is an inevitable trend in the development of industry in the future, liquid level measurement is a lot of production, the problem of high medium corrosion, it is not easy contact, the nature of the high temperature and so on, all brought difficulties for liquid level measurement. Intelligent level will get to the nature of ascension, manufacture mode and means no longer passively meet user requirements, such a thermometer nature is based on the buoyancy, through the magnetic coupling, in the case of energy conversion, data measuring, transmission, etc. This principle is not affected by temperature, acid and alkali strength, can be widely used in high temperature, high pressure and corrosion environment, often as a replacement of the facilities, it often changes with the changes in the industry as a whole are closely related.
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