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Three reasons for energy saving and environmental protection of fabric air duct

Three reasons for energy saving and environmental protection of fabric air duct


Fiber fabric soft air tube can achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection from three aspects:

1.In the design stage, the traditional central air conditioning air system must be designed through the resistance balance of each pipe section and the air volume calculation of the tuyere. Due to the lack of integration of the system, the uneven air distribution can not reach the effect of the design setting, and only to increase the power of the equipment to compensate. 

According to the different requirements of the environment, Jvitaduct fabric air duct is designed with professional software. 

CFD technology can accurately predict the air flow and air temperature gradient in every part of the environment. In the design stage, the running state of the system can be simulated to improve the accuracy of the design, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

2.In the system operation stage, the traditional iron sheet air duct of central air conditioning has a large wind resistance, and in order to compensate for the loss of air volume in this aspect, the power of large equipment should be increased accordingly.

Jvtiaduct fabric air duct can minimize the wind resistance in this aspect because the jinchang Fabric air duct adopts the circular design, and in the selection of ventilation pipe, the circular pipe air duct is the minimum wind resistance, so as to greatly achieve the purpose of energy saving.

3.In the maintenance and cleaning stage of the system, the iron sheet ventilation pipe of central air conditioning will deposit certain dust in the air pipe after the system runs for a period of time. On the one hand, the dust increases the resistance of the pipe, and on the other hand, the breeding of bacteria provides a place to threaten people's health.

It also increases the active power loss of the equipment, and it is very expensive to clean the air duct of central air conditioning. The air duct cleaning cost is 30-40 yuan /m2.

Jvtiaduct fabric air duct system uses the characteristics of the fiber itself, so that the system can filter the air, improve the cleanliness of the air in the air conditioning area, and the system is very convenient to disassemble and clean, as long as we can clean the air duct as new, and quickly restore the normal use of the working area. In this way, it can meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection.


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