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Three steps of fabric air duct cleaning

Three steps of fabric air duct cleaning


Food workshops with requirements for cleanliness or workshops with large dust will carry out cleaning of fabric air ducts. Many owners do not know the cleaning method of fabric air ducts, which is generally operated by maintenance companies. The following are the 3 steps of fabric air duct cleaning and the cleaning method of air duct.

(1) When disassembling fabric air duct, the fan should be closed first, and then the zipper at the entrance should be disassembled section by section in order, and stored in a clean box, and marked well. If there are pipe fittings (such as adjustable sling), they should be marked and stored to prevent loss.

(2) Before cleaning, unzipper should be unzipped according to sections, dirty side outward, soak in water for 30 minutes, machine wash, repeat the above steps until clean, drip-dry or spin-dry, if drying requires constant temperature drying at 80°C, steam ironing below 150°C.

(3) Choose appropriate industrial washing machine for washing air conditioner fabric air duct, and the best water temperature is 30-40°C. Use neutral detergent or low alkali detergent, do not use chlorine preparation to clean the tube body, do not mix with sharp things washing, dry cleaning and bleaching are prohibited.

In the air duct used in the current air conditioning system, the fabric air duct is the lowest cleaning cost.

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