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Three temperature sensor wire connection

by:JVTIA     2021-01-11
Pt100, that is, its value at 0 degrees to 100 Ω, Pt100 temperature sensor is a kind of platinum ( Pt) Of resistance temperature sensor, belongs to the resistivity, its resistance and the relation between the temperature changes are as follows: R = Ro ( 1 +αT) 。 Just talk to everyone, then energy PT100 temperature sensor three root conductor connection
PT100 temperature sensor three conductor connection:

PT100 platinum resistance sensor has three lead, can use A, B, C ( Or black, red, yellow) To represent the three lines, three lines between has the following pattern:

resistance between A and B or C temperature at around 110 Ω, 0 Ω between B and C, B and C in the inside is straight, in principle, there is no difference between B and C

pick up sensor fixed on the meter terminal has three:

A line after A fixed on the instrument by sensor terminals B and C on the instrument of the other two fixed terminal, B and C line location are interchangeable, but have to plug in. If indirectly by long term, in the three specifications and length of the wire to the same.

the thermal resistance of line 3 and line 4 connection: it is to use two lines, three lines, four lines, mainly make ( Optional) With the secondary instrument to decide. General display instrument with three line connection, PT100 carry out a line, the other end of the two lines, all instrument, instrument internal offset through the bridge wire resistance.

general PLC for the four lines, each set out two lines, two PLC output constant current source, PLC through two different measure the voltage on the PT100, is also in order to offset the lead resistance, four-wire highest precision, the three lines can also be, minimum two line, need to consider the specific usage accuracy requirement and cost.

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