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To prevent Dangerous Accidents by Car

by:JVTIA     2020-06-02
The electronic control type fuel injection system of basic working principle is: will fuel through the fuel supply device provide, and with air supply device provide clean air mixed into conbuslible gases, into the cylinders again as soon as ignition system lit fifth eduction waste gas, healthiness is the main process is by the electronic control unit (ECU) monitoring coordination and finish off. The four parts of brand new also is injection engine control most of the main parts, including any parts failure may be led to stall predicaments. Below we will through framework of four parts, to discover these together by fault caused from stall. The engine in normal work, extremely need to fuel oil supply system of fuel oil generate of the fuel tank, fuel filter through into the fuel distribution lines, then the nozzle jet, the formation of oil-gas mixture of gases. The consulting to understand arrives, most of the stall phenomenon is the the first link appeared fault, let's begin from the fuel supply problems all over the system. Throttle function is using the adjustment of the size of the opening, control into the cylinder mixture of the quantity, image may be the throat of the parable for the engine. Due to the fact throttle open gap venting is the largest, the area is little, gas temperature also bottom, this part is the most easy to condense impurities, so need according to some certain period on the clearing. If your throttle for impurities cause jams, and will definitely lead in order to some lack within the subsystem and left idle instability. But when frequent cleaning throttle still can't completely solve the condition of the stall, generally all owned by the blunder. In the amalgamation into the gas cylinder before, pass the intake manifold. Your past natural air intake engine intake stroke, rely mainly on the vacuum degree in cylinder (also known as negative pressure) breathe the atmosphere. When the intake pipe leakage existence, vacuum through small, cannot breathe enough gas to result in the engine is running and start difficult, idling instability, emissions are not the standard, and even die. Each and every vacuum leak performance for driving briefly in strong, so this type of fault is for you to judgment. In addition, the air supply device other could lead to left the question is: furnace filter dirty and cause you can intake not free, in addition to. But as soon as the ECU much more more the responsibility in handle of monitoring vehicles state work, also brought some questions: when a sensor failure, ECU won't correct to the current status of judgment, and then take cease oil spray protection measures, remove the happening among the situation present in. In the sensors, lessen failure occurs is the most likely associated with the left has: snap sensor, throttle position sensor, oxygen sensor. Normally, these components can be found at fault, it difficult to dispose on the owner, usually by the onboard computer records fault code, next by the upkeep personnel for failure testing and maintenance. In addition, the electronic control system in other could are a catalyst for left the question is: connect the short circuit or open circuit, and this program promises design make a mistake.
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