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US Frozen Food Logistics cold storage

US Frozen Food Logistics cold storage


The project is a Frozen food logistics cold storage in Malaysia. The cold storage adopts 12 air coolers combined with Jvtiaduct fabric air ducts to cool the air in the storage, solve the problem of air distribution in the storage, and ensure the control of temperature and humidity of the stored goods.

According to the architectural characteristics and air supply requirements of the project, Jvtiaduct uses design software to make selection design, and uses CFD technology to simulate the application space air distribution. The specific design is as follows:

  1. The circular series fabric air duct is adopted.

  2. The height of the cold storage is 5m. The fabric air duct adopts double row suspension system and is mounted on the top.

  3. The air supply mode of fabric air duct is infiltration air supply and orifice air supply. The end of freezing room is set with jet nozzle, and the orifice is designed in straight row, so that the air supply covers a wider area.

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