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Wear resistance of the thermocouple temperature measurement principle is what _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-30
Wear-resistant thermocouple also has general thermocouple advantage: simple structure, high measurement accuracy, bare wire heat is small, the material of good compatibility, its output signal can be transmitted over a long distance. Is advantageous for the detection and control, etc. Wear-resistant thermocouple using thermoelectric effect to work. Connect the two different conductor or semiconductor into a closed loop, if they are two contacts at a different temperature, respectively, are in the loop will generate potential, this kind of phenomenon called the thermoelectric effect. Or the seebeck effect, 塞贝克) 。 The electric potential is known as thermoelectric potential, as the eab ( t,to) 。 The two different conductor ( Or a semiconductor) A and b connection into a closed loop, when the temperature of the two contact is not at the same time, such as t > t. The circuit can produce thermoelectric potential eas ( t, t0) 。 Conductor is called thermal electrode, among them, said a thermocouple of the anode; ; Another said the cathode. The combination of the two hot electrode is called the thermocouple. Contact in two contacts, are the two electrodes will be welded together, when the temperature will it have been felt in the side of the object by side falling in degrees, so called measuring side and hot side or work; Contact in the environment, requires constant temperature, so called reference end and cold end or free end. Wear-resistant thermocouple thermoelectric potential is through the side to realize the temperature measurement. The thermoelectric potential consists of two parts: contact potential ( Also called pat post potential) Electric potential and temperature difference ( Also known as Thomson potential) Two conductor contact potential introduction: contact potential is based on the post (Pal 珀尔帖效应) Effect, that is, the two different conductor, the free electron density by a conductor to the spread of the density is small, until to achieve dynamic equilibrium of thermoelectric potential. Free electron diffusion rate and the density of free electrons and is directly proportional to the temperature.
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