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Wear-resistant material _ instrument thermocouple protection work

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
Choose good thermocouple manufacturers, choose good protection tube, wear-resistant thermocouple is book circulating fluidized boiler of power plant, boiling boiler, powder coal mill gasification furnace and a series of cement kiln head, preheater, furnace hood and chemical industry, smelting and other high temperature abrasion conditions are ideal for high tech products series of eclecticism, adopt unique craft formula, the product produce wear-resistant alloy in the gaffe balance with ordinary stainless steel metal, metal ceramic protection tube, compared with the similar wear-resistant alloy protection tube on the market, and increase its service life 5 times. Due to environment temperature difference, high temperature control point, the vibration is larger, blower wind speed is too high, serious wear and tear, caused the temperature measurement is very difficult, life is very short, only 10 - general wear-resistant alloy 90 days grinding through damage, burn bent, broken, damaged thermocouples, bring great damage to the user and unnecessary trouble, the company produced wear-resistant thermocouple made up for this shortcoming, scouring resistance, abrasion resistance thermocouple through hundreds of manufacturers, the use of nearly ten thousand times a year, reaction is very good, on many occasions with the strength of the leading peers, completely can be comparable with imported products. The product has good vibration and abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, high sensitivity, good stability, high accuracy, long life and other advantages, is the power plants, cement plants, chemical plants, and other areas of the high temperature wear resistance temperature measurement protection tube.
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