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What exhibitions do Thermocouple manufacturers attend?
Thermocouple manufacturers with strong economic strength and research and development capabilities usually participate in many well-known exhibitions around the world. In China, the requirement to participate in exhibitions is a challenge for many manufacturers. As a professional supplier with strong economic strength, Shanghai Jiutian Automation Equipment Co., Ltd often participates in many well-known exhibitions to learn more partners. By participating in well-known exhibitions, the company is able to promote its exquisite products, and customers can get more detailed information about products and companies, which is beneficial to both parties.
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As one of the most accepted manufacturers of type k thermocouple extension wire in the industry, Jiutian has become the preferred choice when it comes to manufacturing capacities. Jiutian's thermocouple head series include multiple types. The production of JVTIA ntc thermistor is divided into several phases. They include control system design, CNC cutting, turning, milling, welding, components inspections, and assembly. It is characterized by premium chemical stability. Jiutian is a professional manufacturer of play equipment with rich experience in product development and great production capability. pt100 is a qualified product that has passed the quality certification of national authority.
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