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What factors should be considered when buying imported sensors?

by:JVTIA     2021-01-06
Dust and humidity sensor short-circuit impact. Under the condition of the environment, should choose the sensor with high impermeability. Different sensors have different way of packing, for they are also quite different. Common seal filled or coated with sealant. Rubber mat mechanical fastening and sealing; Welding ( Argon arc welding, plasma welding) And vacuum filling nitrogen seal. From the point of sealing effect, welding sealing is good, the quantity of filler and coating sealant rarely. For working in a clean and dry the indoor environment of the sensor, can choose the import of seal glue sensors, and for working in a humid and dusty environment of some sensors, should choose the diaphragm heat sealing or diaphragm seal welding, vacuum filling and nitrogen filling sensor. High temperature environment can lead to melt coating material and civilized, elastomer structure change of internal stress and other issues. For inlet temperature sensor in high temperature environment, work, usually using high temperature sensor. In addition, it is necessary to increase heat insulation, water or air cooling. In high corrosive environment, such as humidity and the acidity of sensor, the influence of the elastomer were damaged or short circuit, for example, if the surface spraying plastic or stainless steel, should choose to have good corrosion resistance and sealing performance of sensor in Germany. Inflammable and explosive articles will not only cause thoroughly to the sensor is damaged, will also pose a great threat to other equipment and personal safety. Working in a inflammable and explosive environment, therefore, the sensor has higher demands on explosion-proof performance: in the inflammable and explosive environment must choose imported explosion-proof sensor, the sensor sealed case is not only to consider its sealing, consider the intensity of explosion-proof, and waterproof, moistureproof and cable wire explosion proof performance. The electromagnetic field effects on Germany imported sensor output disturbance signals. In this case, should be strictly check sensor shielding performance, see if it has the good electromagnetic resistance. , of course, with the mature of sensor technology, the domestic sensor technology have been greatly promoted, the current domestic brands sensors, pressure sensors and other products has been recognised by the domestic various medium enterprise, on the price and delivery cycle, domestic sensor completely is superior to the imported brands, sensing and control as the company is committed to domestic sensors sensor measurement technology research, product development and manufacturing. Relying on first-class research and development ability and production technology, with excellent product quality and perfect sales service network, products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, ships, weapons, petrochemical, water, power, light industry, vehicle and traffic and other fields, become great customers trusted business partners. So, if you need sensors and short time delivery, may be you the most convenient choice, for details, please click on the right side of the customer service for product introduction and quotation.
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