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What _ instrument compensation conductor is

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
The compensation of the thermocouple wire is in a certain temperature range ( Including room temperature 0) With the matching of the same nominal value thermocouple thermoelectric emfs a pair of wire with insulation layer, use them to connect the thermocouple and measuring devices, equivalent to extend thermocouple to measure device. As a result of the thermocouple compensation wire, to a certain temperature range, Including room temperature 0) With the matching of the same nominal value thermocouple thermoelectric emfs pair wire with insulation layer ', it is can form thermocouple (within a certain range Actually compensation compensating lead wires and the dividing type thermocouple is) with the same material , according to the law of the middle of the thermocouple conductor 'in the middle of the thermocouple loop access conductor ( The third conductor) As long as the middle temperature is the same on both ends of the conductor, the introduction of the center conductor has no effect on the thermocouple loop total potential. That is to say, the influence of excluding thermocouple compensation wire can also produce thermoelectric potential, its size is equal to the temperature difference between the end of a thermocouple and measurement device electric potential. Thermocouples compensation conductor should be connected to the digital display table to form a simple temperature measurement system. When used properly, the superposition of the electric potential and electric potential compensation conductor thermocouple at the cold end under the condition of constant temperature, as the thermocouple compensating conductor connection and the changes in temperature, thermocouple temperature potential increase compensation conductor of electric potential difference in temperature is reduced, and vice versa, achieve compensation between the thermocouple and measuring device of the impact of changes in temperature. Measurement device produced by the thermocouple wires produce thermoelectric potential and compensation to compensate the potential superposition electric potential.
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