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What is a thermocouple sensor _ meter

by:JVTIA     2020-10-30
Thermocouple sensor is early in the development, application is very wide class of sensors. The market share of the thermocouple sensor greatly exceeded the other sensors. Conductor of two kinds of different materials, such as connected together, at some point of the heating connection, at the site of the they don't heat potential difference will occur. The potential difference value associated with the temperature of the heating part of points, and it has to do two conductor material. This phenomenon can be found in a wide range of temperatures, if accurate measuring the potential difference, to measure the heating part of the environment temperature, can accurately know the temperature of the hot spots. Because it must have two different material of the conductor, so called 'thermocouple. Different material to make the thermocouple used in different temperature range, their sensitivity is also each are not identical. The sensitivity of thermocouple refers to add 1 ℃ hot spot temperature changes, the output variation of potential difference. For most of the metal material support thermocouple, this value about between 5 ~ 40 microvolt / ℃. The advantages and defects of thermocouple sensor sensitivity is lower, easily affected by environmental interference signal, also easily affected by preamplifier temperature drift, therefore not suitable for measuring the temperature of the small change. As a result of the thermocouple temperature sensor sensitivity has nothing to do with the thickness of material, use very fine material also can make the temperature sensor. Also due to the production of thermocouple metal materials have good ductility, the slight temperature measuring element has high response speed, can measure the process of rapid change. Thermocouple sensor application of thermocouple sensor is multifarious, various kinds of sensors is for a modern shape thermocouple sensor is very small, so more to make it widely used in all spheres of production practice, also provide countless convenience to our lives and functions.
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