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What is integrated temperature transmitter calibration considerations _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
Integrated temperature transmitter is also called the junction box temperature transmitter, is a kind of in a thermocouple or thermocouple junction box, and the thermocouple or thermocouple integration for the integration of temperature transmitter. And integrated temperature transmitter by temperature measuring probe (commonly Thermocouple or thermocouple sensors) And two wire system solid electronic unit, and in the form of solid module temperature measuring probe directly installed on the terminal box, thus forming the integration of the transducer. Integrated temperature transmitter usually divided into thermocouple and thermocouple type two kinds. Due to the integration of temperature transducer used in a number of mechanical production, to prevent some production accidents, integrated temperature transmitter requires constant adjustment, to industrial production is very good, and can greatly promote the working efficiency, avoid the occurrence of failure problems. Integrated temperature transmitter in the calibration process need to pay attention to the following matters should pay attention to the polarity when 1, connection, and the electricity preheating 15 minutes after calibration, calibration of 2 input signal at slow speed, to ensure that does not produce overshoot phenomenon 3, don't overexert when adjust potentiometer, prevent bad before 4, calibration, calibration record sheet should be prepared, and check the temperature of the thermocouple at the checkpoint/millivolt table or thermocouple temperature/resistance table, data will need to find out and fill in the data form has been prepared in the contact phone number: 023 - 68280988, 023 - 68288698
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