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What is second class standard thermocouple _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
Second class standard thermocouple platinum rhodium - 10 Platinum thermocouple is the standard thermocouple calibration device, and precise temperature measuring thermocouple used in the experiment, test and thermocouple and 300 - 1300 ℃ within the scope of the precision measurement of temperature measuring device. Using standard thermocouple refers to the national standard specifies its thermoelectric potential and the relationship between temperature, permissible error, and a unified standard score table of thermocouple, it has the matched digital display table to choose from. With high accuracy, good physical and chemical properties, good high temperature oxidation resistance, widely used in electric power, thermal power, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, etc. Second-class standard thermocouple and first-class standard thermocouple accuracy is higher in the relationship between the thermocouple series, good physical, chemical, good high temperature oxidation resistance and thermoelectric emf stability and reproducibility are good thermocouple. Standard thermocouple is divided into a first-class standard thermocouple and thermocouple two second class standard. A first-class standard thermocouple used in verification second-class standard thermocouples. Main technical index first-class standard first-class standard thermocouple thermocouple type: WRPB - 1 a first-class standard thermocouple length: l = Φ 0. 5 x 1000 mm first-class standard thermocouple temperature range of use: 300 - 1300 ℃ first-class standard thermocouple potential value requirements: a first-class standard thermocouple ( wrpb吗? 1) The measurement in copper point ( 1084. 62℃) Antimony or point ( 630. 63℃) And zinc point ( 419. 527℃) , reference end when the temperature 0 ℃, the thermoelectric potential should meet the following requirements: e ( tcu) = 10. 575±0. 015mve( tal) = 5. 8600. 37 [ e( tcu) - 10. 575] ±0. 005mve( tasb) = 5. 5530. 37 [ e( tcu) - 10. 575] ±0. 005mve( tzn) = 3. 4470. 18 [ e( tcu) - 10. 575] ±0. 005 first-class standard thermocouple mv ( wrpb吗? 1) Stability, is determined by two thermoelectric potential difference, no more than 5 uv; A first-class standard thermocouple ( wrpb吗? 1) Copper point ( 1084. 62℃) No more than 10 years of thermoelectric potential variation uv. First-class standard thermocouple structure standard thermocouple is extremely platinum-rhodium wires, negative extremely platinum wire, the set of the double hole is 550 mm long high temperature porcelain tube. Reference end: the positive set of red or pink plastic pipe, negative set of white or blue plastic pipe; The whole standard thermocouple placed in the glass in the outer casing.
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