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What is the end thermocouple _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
Capillary thermocouple have ends copper resistance ( WZCM - 201). And end face platinum thermocouple ( WZPM - 201 wzpm - 201 b) The points. By special processing wire end thermocouple element ( Copper or platinum wire) Winding, they are tight in the thermometer front and compared with general axial thermocouple, end thermocouple can more correctly and quickly reflect the actual temperature condition of the end face being measured, the method of making it a lot, varieties of forms, suitable for power plant steam turbine and motor bearing shell or other body surface temperature measurement. Some end thermocouple installation because it fuses with the resistance element is connected, so will lead to end surface thermocouple synchronous rotation, such ability make sure end thermocouple in the installation is not artificial damage, but the actual installation process to avoid appear this kind of circumstance. Due to the emergence of this situation, chongqing instrument co. , LTD. , intensify scientific research developed special end thermocouple, the end surface thermocouple outside the installation time only need to twist the screw is ok, don't need to lead and end surface thermocouple synchronous rotation.
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