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What is the N type thermocouple?

by:JVTIA     2020-11-12
What is the N type thermocouple? N type thermocouple is inexpensive metal thermocouple, thermocouple is also a kind of international standardization, is successfully developed by the Australian defence laboratory, in the early 70 s it restrained the K type thermocouple two defects: a K type thermocouple between 300 ~ 500 ℃ due to the lattice short-range order of nickel-chromium alloy thermoelectric emfs caused by unstable; At about 800 ℃ as nickel-chromium alloy preferential oxidation caused by unstable thermoelectric emfs.
N type thermocouple has advantages of good linearity, stability, and the average sex is good, high sensitivity, large thermoelectric emfs, strong anti-oxidation function, the price cheap, is not affected by short-range ordering strengths, such as its comprehensive function is better than that of K type thermocouple, is a way out of the thermocouple.
N type thermocouple at http://www. wuxiyibiao。 Com/can't indirectly used at low temperature, resilience and recovery, oxidation atmosphere and vacuum alternately, also is not recommended for weak oxidizing atmosphere. 。
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