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What is the role of armor in armor thermocouple?

What is the role of armor in armor thermocouple?


What is the role of armor in armor thermocouple?

    Armored thermocouple refers to the insulation material and metal maintenance sleeve wrapped like thermostat armor wire. The role of the armor is to maintain the thermocouple wire and add a protective layer outside the thermocouple, such as stainless steel pipes and nets, to avoid acid, alkaline and other environmental corrosion.

    Armored thermocouples have many advantages such as flexibility, high pressure resistance, fast thermal response time, and solidity and durability. They are usually used in conjunction with temperature transmitters, conditioners, and display instruments to form a process control system for direct measurement or control of each. During the consumption process, the temperature of fluid, steam and gas medium and the appearance of solids in the range of 0-1800 .

    Armored thermocouple products are mainly composed of a junction box, terminal blocks and armored thermocouples, and are equipped with various devices for fixed installation. The two ends of the conductors of different compositions are welded to form a loop. The direct temperature measurement end is called the working end, and the terminal end is called the cold end, also called the reference end.

    When there is a temperature difference between the working end and the reference end, a thermal current will be generated in the loop, and the display instrument will be connected. The instrument will indicate the corresponding temperature value of the thermoelectromotive force generated by the thermocouple. The thermoelectromotive force of the armored thermocouple will increase as the temperature of the measuring end increases. The size of the thermoelectromotive force is only related to the thermocouple conductor material and the temperature difference between the two ends, and has nothing to do with the length and diameter of the thermode.

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