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What is the role of fabric duct ventilation ducts in our lives?

by:JVTIA     2022-05-27
In some projects or construction industries, ventilation ducts are often used. Especially in recent years, the role of fabric duct ventilation ducts has become more and more prominent, and it is used more and more in daily life or production. So for some sellers, what is the primary role of this kind of fabric air duct ventilation duct manufacturer? First of all, during the construction process of a high-rise building, a very important point about the interior of the room is to achieve indoor and The outside is ventilated, and the strong effect of the ventilation duct is needed at this time. If you put it on the library in Jiangsu, then the air inside and outside the house can be well circulated, and it can assist the air in a good exchange stage, especially for some residential buildings, ventilation ducts effect is very large. Now with the continuous development of my country's economy and the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology, people's research on ventilation pipes has become more and more high. The use of ventilation ducts after the transformation and research has become more and more widely used in life and production, especially in the treatment of ventilation, compared with the past, the role of ventilation has become better and better. Especially in some construction houses, builders have used a lot of ventilation pipes. When people can live comfortably in a brand-new high-rise building and breathe the fresh air of the wetlands, we must remember that this is an influence of the great role played by ventilation pipes, especially through technological innovation in the future. Whether it is in terms of application or in terms of appearance design, it is a very big leap. The air duct is made of galvanized steel as the main raw material. It is formed by bite and machining, which is convenient for on-site manufacturing and can be designed. It is a traditional ventilation and air-conditioning duct. Manufacturing has changed to the current fully mechanized production, which has the advantages of high efficiency and accurate processing scale. So what are the general manufacturing specifications of white iron air ducts: Before manufacturing air ducts, it is necessary to check whether the selected materials meet the quality requirements, and whether there are factory qualification certificates or quality judgment documents. If there is no above-mentioned supporting documents, the appearance inspection should be carried out, and the following requirements should be met: 1. The surface of the plate should be flat, the thickness should be uniform, there should be no convex and concave and obvious crushing phenomenon, and there should be no cracks, blisters, scars and burrs. Corrosion situation; 2. The profiled steel should be of equal shape and uniformity, and should not have cracks, bubbles, dimples and other defects that affect the quality; 3. Other materials should not have defects that lead to a decrease in the strength of the finished product or affect its performance.
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