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What is the type of integrated temperature transmitter _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
Integrated temperature transmitter, has the advantages of simple structure, saves the lead, large output signal, strong anti-interference ability, good linear, simple display instrument, solid module earthquake moisture-proof, reverse connection protection and current limiting protection, reliable work, etc. Its application range is very wide, in use process, integrated temperature transmitter usually can be divided into two types, thermocouple and thermocouple. The type of integrated temperature transmitter integration is the combination of temperature sensor and transmitter, temperature transmitter in very simple way - 200 ~ + 1600 ℃ temperature in the range of the signal is converted to a two wire 4 ~ 20 madc electrical signals to display, regulator, recorder, DCS, etc. , it can realize accurate measurement and control of temperature. Type thermocouple temperature transmitter is the r/v conversion unit, the benchmark unit, linear circuit, reverse connect protection, current limiting protection, v/I conversion unit, etc. Temperature measuring thermocouple signal amplification, and then by linear circuit of temperature compensate nonlinear relationship with the resistance, after the v/I conversion circuit outputs a measured a linear relationship with temperature and constant current signal of 4 to 20 ma. Some temperature transmitter increases the display unit, and some also have the function of field bus. Type thermocouple temperature transmitter is usually by the reference source, cold junction compensation and amplification unit, linearization, v/I conversion, broken accidentally processing, reverse connect protection, current limiting circuit protection units. It is the cold junction compensation of thermocouple thermoelectric potential enlarged, again by linear circuits eliminate the nonlinear error of thermoelectric potential and temperature, and then zoom into 4 to 20 ma current output signal. In order to prevent the thermocouple measurement by thermocouple wire break and make the temperature control failure caused by accident, transmitter will also include a power protection circuit. When the thermocouple wire break or pick up solution, transmitter will be large output value to make instruments to cut off the power supply. Integrated temperature transmitter, can form integrated with thermocouple, thermocouple installation structure, can also be used as a functional modules installed on the testing equipment and instrument panel.
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