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What is the use of high-temperature thermocouple compensating cable requirement _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
High-temperature thermocouple compensation wire, is in a certain temperature range ( Including room temperature) , with the matched the thermocouple thermoelectric emfs values the same couple or more with insulated wire or cable, and use them to connect the thermocouple measuring device, to compensate them with the error produced by the temperature change of the thermocouple junction. And high temperature compensation with shielding wires have excellent shielding performance and anti-jamming performance. The use of high temperature compensating conductor condition 1, resistance to high temperature corrosion resistance thermocouple compensating conductor operating temperature range: heat with: high 300 ℃, 260 ℃, 200 ℃, 450 ℃, 105 ℃, low temperature: fluorine plastic, silicone rubber, ptfe insulated and sheathed cable: fixed installation - 60 ℃, the fixed installation - 20℃。 3, allowed bending radius: there are copper tape screened compensating lead wires, should not be less than 16 times of cable diameter; Other structural compensating lead wires, shall be not less than 10 times of cable diameter. al
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