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What is the use of the platinum-rhodium thermocouple temperature _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
The use of the platinum-rhodium thermocouple temperature for the use of temperature 200~1300℃。 Platinum rhodium thermocouple has advantages of good linearity, thermoelectric emfs, high sensitivity, stability and good uniformity, oxidation resistance is strong, cheap, is not affected by short-range ordering etc, and its comprehensive performance is better than that of k type thermocouple, thermocouple is a kind of very promising. N type thermocouple cannot be directly used at high temperature, reducing or restore, alternating oxidation atmosphere and vacuum. So can't use en and tn to replace. Platinum-rhodium thermocouple can be used in the vacuum, oxidation, reduction and inert atmosphere, but the positive iron oxidation at high temperature quickly, so the temperature is restricted, cannot directly without reserve for curing atmosphere at high temperature. Platinum rhodium thermocouple containing rhodium (10%), containing platinum was 90%, the cathode ( sn) For pure platinum, commonly known as single platinum-rhodium thermocouple. The temperature is 1300 ℃, the long-term use of thermocouple short-term use temperature is 1600 ℃. S type thermocouple in the thermocouple series has high accuracy, good stability, test your area wide, long service life, etc. Its physical and chemical performance is good, the thermoelectric potential stability and oxidation resistance at high temperature performance is good, suitable for oxidizing and inert atmosphere.
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