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What is WRNK thermocouple _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
WRNK thermocouple is usually and digital display table, recording instrument and electronic regulator, at the same time, also can be used as a prefabricated thermocouple temperature sensing element. It can directly measure all kinds of production process from 0 ℃ ~ 1200 ℃ in the scope of liquid, steam and gas medium, as well as the surface temperature of the solid. Compared with prefabricated thermocouple, WRNK thermocouple is flexible, high pressure resistance, thermal response time is short and strong and durable, etc. Principle WRNK thermocouple are two different components of conductor on both ends of the welding and form a loop, directly measuring WenDuan call work side, the terminal end is called the cold end, also known as the reference. When work end and reference end there is temperature difference, will produce thermal current in the circuit, connected to display instrument, the instrument will indicate the thermocouple thermoelectric emf generated by the corresponding temperature value. The thermocouple thermoelectric emfs growth over the course of measuring the temperature, the size of the thermoelectric emfs and thermocouple temperature difference on both ends of the conductor material and, only has nothing to do with hot electrode length and diameter. WRNK structure principle of thermocouple is made up of a conductor, high insulation magnesium oxide, coat stainless steel protecting tube, after many integrated control. Thermocouple products are mainly composed of terminal block, terminal and thermocouple basic structure, and with various mounting device. WRNK thermocouple points end type: thermal response time is short; Suitable for measuring the engine exhaust temperature measurement requirements such as fast response; Low mechanical strength. Connect a shell type: thermal response time is short; Nominal pressure ( Up to 34 mpa) ; Do not apply to the places that have requirements of electromagnetic interference. Insulation: thermal response time from the previous two long, long service life; Resistance to electromagnetic interference; No special requirements on the thermal response time occasions with this form. Separate: double teams, to avoid interference, its characteristics with insulation type.
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