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What kind of packing is provided for 100k thermistor ?
Shanghai Jiutian Automation Equipment Co., Ltd has some general packaging guidelines that can help you prepare your package for shipping. Please consult our Customer Service for detailed information. We guarantee the package we pick is the most suitable for your items. We are enthusiastic about our support, and we take the responsibility for that which we pack very seriously.

Jiutian has been a trusted company in the Chinese market. We never fail to deliver high quality dial gauge thermometer. Jiutian produces a number of different product series, including thermistor temperature sensor. During the production of JVTIA type k thermocouple extension wire, workers are required to wear anti-static clothing and wrist straps to protect the chips from the damage of static. It requires no additional nails or nuts for installation. JVTIA is proud of building friendly relationships with new and existing business partners. It proves to support the explosion-proof operation.

We are actively advancing activities that contribute to sustainability to meet society's expectations based on an accurate perception of the impact of our operations on society and our social responsibilities.
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