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What's the infrared temperature sensor for _ the instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
In the aspect of realizing remote temperature monitoring and control, infrared temperature sensor with its superior performance, can meet the various requirements. In product processing industry, especially the need for remote monitoring of temperature, generally is the place where temperature sensor (see article). Any object can emit electromagnetic radiation, the electromagnetic radiation measured by infrared temperature sensor. When the temperature of the object changes, the wavelength of the radiation of electromagnetic wave changes, infrared sensor can transform the wavelength change into the change of temperature, so as to realize the purpose of monitoring and measuring temperature. Because of non-contact infrared temperature sensor of temperature measurement, distance measurement function such as high temperature, which will be most operating personnel liberated from the harsh environment, the original must wear resistant high temperature operating workers work clothes to work, now don't have to put on those work is not convenient, but also in a more safe and comfortable working environment. These characteristics of the infrared temperature sensor to the masses of users interested in its big. Infrared temperature sensor application in the food industry also is growing. In the United States, the United States food and drug administration (fda) regulations need to temperature monitoring and recording of food, and food can't contaminated. Based on the requirements, naturally, infrared sensor and has been widely applied in this field. In the case of analyte with contact, realized the food temperature record. In 1997, the European regulations issued the same also in the food industry, infrared temperature sensor in this field will be great in the market. Optical fiber infrared sensor has the characteristics of the electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, for the portable infrared sensor application in automobile industry and opens up new markets. With the widespread application of infrared temperature measurement technology, a new type of infrared technology - Intelligence ( 智能) Digital infrared sensing technology are emerging. The smart sensor built-in microprocessor, can achieve a two-way communication in the sensor and the control unit, has the advantages of miniaturization, digital communications, simple maintenance. , the current sensor users upgrade to its control system, the demand of intelligent infrared sensor will continue to grow, is expected in the short term market is not saturated. At the same time also developed a software manufacturers and the matching software system, its friendly graphical user interface, high and low temperature alarm, emissivity is adjustable, read the memory function, short response time, such as performance, the infrared temperature sensor is more popular in the industry. In addition, with the volume of a portable infrared sensor is more and more small, the price gradually reduce, in areas such as food, air conditioning and heating the car also has a new application. Such as in food drying machine, hair dryer, infrared sensors is overheating temperature, in order to decide whether system for the next steps, such as stop heating, or remove food from the oven, automatic, or cools the hair dryer, etc. As more users understanding of the portable infrared temperature sensor, its potential users is increasing. Because the infrared temperature sensor in realizing remote control and advantages such as non-contact temperature measurement, the output is growing at 10% a year. In between 1996 and 1997, and its production from 15. Increased 50000 to 230000; Total sales from 2. Rose $300 million to $300 million. By 2006, its production will increase 9 than now. 2%, sales in the market will reach 5. 57. 6 billion dollars, the total output will more than 48. 90000 only. The global market for infrared sensor, the third world countries will be more bullish than Europe and the United States. Although Europe and the United States many industrial countries processing industry widely, its market is becoming saturated; And some emerging countries and regions in China and Latin America, with its economic recovery and development, in various countries and various areas, strengthening the construction of industrial plant growing, infrared sensors in the area of sales at a rate of 2% ~ 5% growth a year, and its sales market is still in the growth trend. Although the infrared sensor in high temperature range compared with similar products competitive, but its in low temperature range, is not an advantage. Thermocouple relative to the infrared sensor is cheap, but also can meet the requirements of users in low temperature, is the dominant low temperature products market. Less industry need to use the infrared sensor non-contact measurement of high temperature, the metallurgical industry as the main market, in addition, the chemical and oil industry in recent years the dosage of infrared sensors are also increase year by year, its total sales accounted for IR 31 2000. 7%, by 2006 is expected to break through the 36. 5%. In the field of temperature sensor, low temperature products is the major consumer products, however, because of the existence of the thermocouple and infrared sensor has not been very good market. Even the price is relatively cheap portable IR temperature measuring gun are also facing fierce competition, tend to become increasingly lower prices, some experts predict that the price may be reduced by 5 ~ 10% per year.
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