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What should be paid attention to when designing fabric air duct

What should be paid attention to when designing fabric air duct


What should be paid attention to when designing fabric air duct

Because of the softness and permeability of the fabric air duct itself, its design and hard air duct have obvious differences. The following are some places that should be paid attention to when designing.

1. The air flow at the inlet of the fabric air duct should be kept as smooth as possible. If there are difficulties, the static pressure box or rectifier grid should be set to eliminate the rotating and sucking air flow.

2. The inlet wind speed of the bag air duct should be 6-8m/s. Excessive speed flow will form a negative pressure area at the inlet, which will not ensure the full state of the air duct.

3. The static pressure in the fabric air duct should be 2.5 times greater than the dynamic pressure. The longer the air duct, the greater the proportion of static and dynamic pressure.

4. The static pressure inside normal fabric air duct is 80-150Pa, exhigh pressure is when fan starts, cause the rupture of duct easily.

5. The designed air duct should be straightened as far as possible to prevent unnecessary turning and branching pipe, in order to reduce the resistance of the air duct part.

JvtiaDuct fabric air duct technical personnel, is trained by the technical center and obtained the corresponding qualifications of service engineers, equipped with imported, professional precision testing instruments, adjust the patented parts of the air volume control valve, the air pressure control valve, and the system debugging, until the design effect is achieved.

Professional installation can ensure the performance of the system, life and the beauty of the whole system, is the necessary guarantee of the final system quality. Professional debugging can make up for the problems caused by changes in the original design and the actual situation on site.

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