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When K type thermocouple wires contact surface analysis of the causes of 'short circuit'

by:JVTIA     2020-11-09
When the wire contact surface, K type thermocouple & other; Short circuit & throughout;
I use PID type K thermocouples is sandwiched between surface of boiler and pressure between the insulation pad on the thermocouple tip to monitor/control the metal surface ( In fact is the espresso machine stainless steel water boiler) The temperature of the end. Between 25 ℃ and 125 ℃ temperature range.
I noticed, cutting-edge ( Bead) And shrink packing two wires between short contact surface. This will lead to any type of & other; Short circuit & throughout; , which will significantly affect the precision of the K type thermocouple? What if the wires should not contact surface, isolated from the surface the good method of two wire? Seems like a PITA is necessary to do this.
they have internal short circuit in a metal tip.
no, it does not affect the results. You need to find the Seebeck: method of metal in the middle. There are a lot of PowerPoint presentations, explaining things I don't particularly like. I have a very good explanation in my files, but couldn't find it now.
don't worry about the K type thermocouple in short exposure & other Short circuit & throughout; , as shown in figure. If there is anything about the K type thermocouple tip is connected to the metal of the problem, you can use silica gel set on cutting-edge and cutting-edge fixed to measure container ( Use some form of fixture device) Or some other suitable methods. If the control system can't have grounding ( Grounding) K type thermocouple is usually just the tip of this & other; Insulation & throughout; 。
with insulation, measurement & other; Lag & throughout; There may be little increase.
I assume thermocouple wire insulation from each other, further back in the cable.
I came to the conclusion that if the bare wire clip contact surface of boiler, I don't need to worry about any obvious K type thermocouple is not accuracy. I am an avid coffee drinking coffee family, there are a lot of knowledge how to make good coffee and how to use the PID control better boiler temperature in the coffee machine. I don't know, thermocouple, I installation method will have a negative impact to its precision. I now have the knowledge, thank you for your good answer and the BBS. Thank you
I hope someone mentioned that need to be careful what you use the type of PID.
this may be because it needs to be K type thermocouple and isolation. Manual of PID is likely to be mentioned.
it all depends on you to magnify the thermocouple signal chip types.
MAX31855 (, for instance, Have included amplifier and a 14 bit ADC) Short tips are not allowed to be received, and AD8494 is sure, as long as there is only one point grounding cable.
this is because the grounding problem, I have to change the whole project, have to use AD8494, and 16 bit ADC AD7680, to sophisticated grounding will not affect the temperature reading.
I use with K type thermocouple Auber SYL - 1512A PID。 The PID is a popular family barista people like mod/upgrade their coffee machine, there are high/low on/off button type thermostat to control the temperature. Specification & doesn't seem to have mentioned other Isolation & throughout; The word. Good thing, because I don't know what this will mean.
thermocouple is welded together two wires ( Although it is precise metal type! ) 。 You can buy with insulated but your picture is not this type of probe. Whether you have k or T or any other type, they must be insulated. In order to be K type thermocouple directly connected to your system without the need for insulation, you need to measure the isolation and grounding ( You can use the transformer or battery) Any noise, will also pick up your CCTS connection will inject your amplifier, in order to ensure good low is low pass filter. Because the metal container and the water is quite large, you can through the electrical isolation sensor tips you get good results.
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