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Which K Type Thermocouple company doing OBM?
In reality, the OBM of K Type Thermocouple is a unified goal to all the Chinese small- and mid-sized enterprises who are still at the stage of OEM & ODM. This is mainly because the OEM & ODM services bring less profit to them and they cannot sustain the business development. Most of the manufacturers are now busy developing their own brands. However, they cannot run their clients’ brands which is the so-called OBM service, because their funding is limited. It is expected that one day, the SMEs can run their own brands and operate the brands for their clients at the same time.
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Specializing in developing and manufacturing thermocouple extension wire, Shanghai Jiutian Automation Equipment Co., Ltd stands out in the domestic market due to key competence. ntc thermistor produced by Jiutian is very popular in the market. JVTIA dial gauge thermometer has to go through several production stages. From the design of injection-molded plastic parts, the preparation of metal materials to the installations of fixtures, it is carried out by our professional workers. It requires no additional nails or nuts for installation. Jiutian is a professional manufacturer with abundant capital and strong production capability. dial thermometer is a high-tech and quality-reliable product with long service life, favorable price, and relatively high cost performance.
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Providing our customers with high quality ntc thermistor is our bottom line. Please contact us!

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